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The Local France

'He can't see or speak': American man remains in Bordeaux hospital after sardine poisoning - September 2023

How close is Paris to its goal of being a 100% cycle-friendly city? - September 2023

Death and taxes: What you need to know about estate planning in France - September 2023

The rise and fall of Paris' electric scooter fleet - August 2023

'Ground zero for European basketball': France's long history with shooting hoops - July 2023

Why is climbing Mont Blanc so dangerous? - July 2023

'We cannot continue to label France's far-right fascists - we must debate them instead' - June 2023

Why France is facing a 'property crisis' - June 2023

France's national fast food: What exactly are 'French tacos'? - May 2023

How accessible is Paris for people with disabilities? - May 2023

Ask the expert: What Americans in France need to know about 401(k) and other pensions - March 2023

'It's bigger than pensions now' - Why French people are continuing to protest - March 2023

'Pension reform is an insult': More than a million protesters take to streets in France - January 2023

Bande dessinée: Why do the French love comic books so much? - January 2023

How much of a threat are violent far-right activists in France? - January 2023

Are Paris cafés right to clamp down on laptop users? - December 2022

Franglais: Why do French adverts love to use English words? - July 2022

Why the French are drinking less and less wine - May 2022

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